• The Ghost Pines


(C) Ever since I was young, I’ve heard the wheels of trains

Rollin’ down tracks like the blood runs through my veins

And the mercury sound of their lonely whistle blasts

Echoes through my present, my future, and my past

When I was a kid and I first heard that whistle blow

I would imagine all the places I might go

And in the night when I couldn’t fall asleep

I’d listen for the whistle instead of counting sheep

I dreamed of a train that could take me far away

I’d ride on the rails until I saw a better day

When the train stopped, I would be amazed to find

That I’d left all of my troubles far behind

When I grew up, I moved away to find myself

Thought I could live without anybody else

But even at night I was never quite alone

The rumblin’ of trains made that house into a home

Me and my friends would spend our nights out on the tracks

We’d walk till the sun came up and made us head back

And when we saw that headlight coming down the line

We knew that everything was gonna be just fine

Now that I’m grown, I hear that whistle once again

And it reminds of the people I have been

Now I know that it doesn’t matter where I go

I’ll feel the trains when they’re rattlin’ through my bones


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  • The Ghost Pines


Had a dream the other night

Of friends that I’ve known

People who I left behind

When I set out on my own

(C) We laughed and played all through the day

And through the nighttime too

Told stories till the sun came up

About all the things we’d do

Back when all the world seemed new

Had a dream the other night

Of places that I’ve known

Of somewheres that I’ve left behind

Though I used to call them home (homes)

(C) Smokestacks against an ebon sky

Rolling seas of wheat

Downtown to watch the trains roll by

Someone else’s shoes on my feet

As I walked on down the street

I woke up the other night

Tears dried on my face

My dream began to fade away

The memories replaced (erased) (Leaving real life in its place)

(C) In my dreams, I see the past

Just like it was back then

But when I wake they slip away

All the places that I have been

All the faces of my friends

I would gladly give anything (?)

Just to see them all again

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  • The Ghost Pines

Neal, Joan, and Me

The whine of an eighteen wheeler

Awoke me from a dream

Where I had deep roots just like a dogwood tree

And I stretched out toward the sunbeams

Awake now in the car with my two friends

As we drove on through the night

One of them a little bit Neal Cassidy

The other a real Joan Baez type

From the twilit sky fell buckets full of rain

As we threaded ‘tween the hills

Heading south out of Ohio

Away from bosses, rent, and bills

(C) Through Wheeling, West Virginia

To the Carolina pines

We were practicing the art of getting lost

To see what we might find

Through Asheville and through Gatlinburg

We let the miles roll

And we learned which things were worth it to hold on to

Just by letting go

Just by letting go

For the first two days we hopped from town to town

Cruising pizza joints and bars

On the third, we lit out for the woods

To find somewhere with no cars

Mountains grew out of the hills

As we left the roads behind

Exchanging asphalt for a muddy trail

Traffic for peace of mind

We spent that night under a net of stars

That were shotgunned through the black

We talked until the sunrise interrupted

Then we packed up and made our way back


By day five, my bank account was dry

And, well, our freedom wasn’t free

I said we had to wake up for a little while

But Neal, he disagreed

We parted ways outside of Maggie Valley

Both agreeing it was best

Joan and I went north back to Ohio And Neal he headed west

I didn’t even ask where he was going

Before he left us there alone

‘Cause I knew someday our paths would cross again

Further on down the road


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