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"Fire and Rain" Lyrics

Fire and Rain

There once was a boy

Who left home to find

The land of his dreams

Where the people were kind

He walked forty days

He walked forty nights

He passed through a maze

Of earthly delights

In the heart of that land

He heard a voice

It spoke like the thunder

And it left him no choice

It said “The answers you seek

Can’t be found down below

You must climb yonder peak

To learn what I know”

So from the foot of the mountain

The boy started to climb

But the sky turned coal-black

And he lost all sense of time

Was it a night or a day?

The rain started to fall

Valleys turned into graves

The flood buried it all

As the boy neared the summit

The rain turned into snow

The thunder was rolling

And the wind began to blow

He felt the death-cold

Like a knife in his chest

He willed his knees not to fold

So he could finish his quest

At the top of the peak

A lonely pine held its ground

While off in the distance

The sea rose all around

And the young boy wept

It seemed the thunder had lied

He’d learned nothing except

What it feels like to die

His life ebbing away

Nothing left but his name

The boy saw through his tears

As the tree burst into flame

The fire heating his bones

The boy lay down his head

And though he was alone

The thunder’s voice said

(C) Fire and rain have come around again

Darkness from the light

Love and pain both must have an end

So that new life can rise

There once was a girl

Who returned home to find

The land that she loved

And that she’d left behind

Five years ago

She’d thought she knew what was best

She’d felt the call of the road

Like a bird in her chest

So on a bright summer day

She took to the sky

And let the wings of her heart

Teach her how to fly

But from the Chinese wall

To the hilltops of Rome

She loved nothing she saw

Like the forests of home

So her heart flew her back

And she returned to her trees

She nodded off by a lake

Rocked to sleep by the breeze

But sweet dreams turned to dread

When she awoke

To find the sky glowed hell-red

And her lungs full of smoke

The fire raged all around

She heard it eating her trees

The death-wail of the forest

Drove her to her knees

She knew she had to go

Before her courage could break

So as the ash fell like snow

She crawled to the lake

In water up to her waist

In the heart of the blaze

She watched her world burn

Black tears dried on her face

Because she knew what we’d done

We’d taken nature for granted

We’d loaded the gun

By taking more than we’d planted

And now the bill had come due

A price we couldn’t pay

We’d traded all our tomorrows

For one golden today

The girl took a deep breath

The flames roared overhead

As she dove down to the depths

The fire’s voice said


There once was a man

Who couldn’t find

A way out of the maze

His life had made of his mind

Back when he was a boy

He’d built the first wall

A fight over a toy

Beaten up for a ball

So he learned early on

To hide his feelings away

To never show weakness

To never have much to say

He sat alone at his school

He couldn’t make any friends

At home his brothers were cruel

He wondered when it would end

As the years passed him by

His walls grew taller and taller

All alone in his maze

His life shrank smaller and smaller

He spent his weeks on the phone

His cubicle like a cell

His coworkers all drones

Forty hours of hell

He burned up his weekends

Working alone night and day

On books no one would read

On songs he’d never play

Women came and they went

But love passed him by

His heart was too bent

His walls were too high

One day the walls grew so high

That they blocked out the sun

And his heart grew as cold as

The steel of a gun

He felt trapped in his maze

With no way to escape

From the march of his days

A cycle that wouldn’t break

But maybe there was a way

And end to this life

He watched his reflection

In the blade of a knife

And as he studied the blade

He heard a voice

“Is this an end or beginning?

You must make your own choice”



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