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"Amie" Lyrics


Underneath the moon’s decaying arc

I feel the beat of someone else’s heart

Ankle-wet in the gloaming of the night

We’re both scared, but part of it’s alright

The waterway, it carries, carries you

And when I let go, it’ll carry, carry me, too

We’ll slide along like salmon in the lunar glow

The dizziness of a falling and a letting-go


We pass beneath the forest’s boughs (arms/limbs) until we reach a dell

A moonstruck meadow held by nighttime’s spell

I lay down my blanket on the dewy grass

And when you first take my hand, I know the spell’s been cast

The sky’s impaled on a greatsword (broadsword/sword that’s) forged of sharpened stars

The silver light of Venus is outshining Mars

Underneath her light we do as lovers do

When I first touch your face, I feel I always knew (?)


As the moon goes down, your face begins to fade

But when the sun comes up, I know your love has stayed

Now they say I’m a liar and they don’t believe

But I can’t forget how we first met on midsummer’s eve



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