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<spoilers> some lyrics <end spoilers>

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Thinking about Ghosts of the Great Highway reminded me of a song on the new album(s), fairly transparently titled "Ghosts of the Highway," which isn't really inspired by the Sun Kil Moon album at all, but instead by the summer of 2006 when I played the hell out of that album while trying to outrun my sadness in a speeding car, hoping it would dissipate behind me into the enormous empty space that is the middle of America.

It didn't.

I actually recorded the main guitar and vocal for the album version of "Ghosts of the Highway" about a week ago and it's just waiting for some overdubs before it goes in the can. I can't share the music part yet, but I'll post the lyrics like it's, like, a real poem and junk!

Somewhere on the highway

Near the Washington state line

Is a rest stop haunted by the ghost of

What I left behind

You didn’t meant to hurt me

And I didn’t have a choice

But when I drive by with the windows down

I still hear your voice, singing

Every love that dies

Lies in a shallow grave

And the things that won’t stay buried make it

Hard to turn the page

So I push the pedal down

Till I’m going way too fast

Even ninety miles an hour, though

I still can’t outrun the past

Ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway

Ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway

We crossed a continent together

From the east into the west

And everywhere between our love’s

Remains are laid to rest

Every time I find a new way

And I think I’m moving on

I end up on another road

That’s haunted by your song

Now I’ve met another girl

But every time I say her name

I worry that her love will end up

Buried just the same

I wonder where you are tonight

I look up at the sky

I hope that you don’t think of me

And aren’t still haunted by

These ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway

Ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway


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