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Livestreams Are A Go, Guest Room Sessions On Hold For Now

Just a quick news update to say two things:

1) This week, I've finally been able to get a functional livestream situation going in the studio. I'm doing this via Instagram Live for now, though that may change in the future. These are less formal and less planned sessions than the "Guest Room" series, and will generally be me just winging it and trying out new ideas and/or rare songs and covers in the moment. I've added an "Instagram Live Archive" link under the website's Videos tab and will be occasionally posting after-the-fact clips from the livestreams there, but I won't be releasing all the video or separate audio tracks for these sessions on the site. For the most part, you'll either see and hear the session when it happens, or you won't.

I've done two livestreams so far. The first one was a bit of a wash (or, as we call it in the business, "a learning experience"), but I posted an electric version of "Blackbird Girl" from that session to the site, because I liked how it turned out. I went live for an hour or so again yesterday and really enjoyed the whole setlist, so I've posted the whole set as well as a standalone clip of "The Light" which features a new loop-based outro jam that I've been experimenting with recently.

The TL;DR is to expect more livestreams to be popping up on Instagram (@theghostpines) in the near future!

2) I've been wanting to get livestreams up and running for awhile, and part of the reason I finally made time to sit down and figure it out this week is because fall term is starting up again, which means way less time for any fun stuff, let alone arranging/recording/uploading more "Guest Room" sessions. I have two more planned (to round the set of sessions out at six total), but it's probably going to be awhile until I get to them. In the meantime, the livestreams will hopefully keep me on my toes and practiced up through the busy parts of fall, so that when I do get some free time again I can lay down "Live From The Guest Room" #5 and #6 quickly. I've already written the setlists for these and am excited to get them out there.

Anyway, that's all for now! I hope to see you drop into a livestream at some point!


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