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Major Site Update!

Since launching the site two weeks ago, I've added a ton of new stuff (which is mostly old stuff, just new to the website, but I digress).

I changed the design a bit and added Lindsey's original, hand-drawn logo for Lazy Blazers as the footer image for all pages. I also moved the social buttons to the "About" page because honestly all of those links aside from my tumblr don't have any content that isn't already available on this site. Going directly to SoundCloud, Instagram, etc. really only makes sense if you want to follow or friend or whatever me there on that site. Which would be nice, but if you're just here to consume content, not really necessary.

There's a direct link to my tumblr in the navigation bar now, in case you want to read that, for whatever reason.

I added all the music from what I think of as the "modern" Lazy Blazers era to the music page. Asphalt Ghosts is $5 for the album, as an experiment. If anyone actually buys it, I promise to use the money only to buy more music equipment. The rest is free, mostly because it's almost all covers, so I can't charge for them anyway :)

I added nearly all the posts I've written on Medium in the last year, including all my rough-draft mountain stories. From now on, I'll be writing on this blog first, then publishing elsewhere.

I added a Videos page, and it has some video of a session I played in part with Lindsey this summer. There's also a lot of older stuff that's basically videos of our travels over the last eight years or so.

Content will not be coming at the same rate in the future, obviously, but I did buy a new guitar yesterday and have a slate of new songs that need words, so hopefully there'll be more sooner rather than later!


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