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What comes around


What Comes Around is an album I made by accident during the Triptych sessions.

These were the first recording sessions I'd ever done with multiple effects pedals and a looper, and so for the first few months I had a lot of fun playing with the looper between recording takes of the "real" Triptych songs. Eventually, some of the loop-based jams that I'd recorded became bigger earworms for me than the "real" songs I was writing and recording, and so I thought it would be fun to collect an instrumental album of some of them.

Most of the tracks on What Comes Around are lightly edited for length and clarity (and to patch out a few bum notes), but for the most part these are the jams as I recorded them live without any sort of preparation or planning. For me, that's the charm (and also the weakness, if you aren't into guitar noodling) of this album.

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