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the amen demos


Way back in 2017 when I started the sessions for what would eventually become the six (!!) albums I'm releasing in 2021, it was all supposed to just be one album, titled Wilderness Amen.

Things got out of hand pretty quickly, I ended up with something like 60-70 songs instead of 10, and eventually those songs became Triptych, then ended up scattered across a bunch of albums once the Triptych thing didn't work out.

But, before the final versions of the songs you can hear now on Wilderness Amen, Ride, Maps, and Fire and Rain, I recorded *every one* of those songs and more as demos, as a way of initially bringing them into the world. There ended up being something like 55 demo tracks, and culled that pile down to the ones you can now hear on The Amen Demos as a sort of historical record of how some of these songs developed over the four years I was working on them.

There are also a few songs that *didn't* make it onto any of the final albums that you'll find here, like "Winter Song" and "Caroline."

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