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past is prologue:
a lazy retrospective


This is an odds-and-ends collection I put together a few years ago when I made the decision to remove all of my pre-2016 recordings from the site. As I started writing new songs for the first time in a decade and recording them in a dedicated studio space, it made my older recordings seem outdated, almost like historical documents rather than something that reflected where I saw myself as an artist in 2016.

Yet, there was a lot to like in those old recordings, too. I still like some of my songs from the early 2000s so much that they made reappearances on recent albums ("Not California" and "Molly" being just two examples). There were a lot of really fun and formative studio and live experiments from those years that I still enjoy going back and listening to. Ultimately, the old stuff is at the very least a fun roadmap to where I am now as a songwriter, guitarist, and singer, but there's just SO MUCH of it that to make it all available on here would overwhelm the new stuff, which is what I really want people to listen to.

So, in the end, I put together this retrospective. It's weird, it certainly doesn't flow like an album, but it does gather together some of the more...interesting moments of my recorded output between 2005 and 2014. I hope you get a kick out of it!

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