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"Words" Is Now "News"

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Just a few minor site changes that I wanted to update you, Constant Reader, on.

When I first made this site, I wanted to make the blog/"Words" area of the website a scrapbook-y collection of things I was currently thinking about, links to songs I was listening to, links to interesting articles I'd read, etc...if you are Of A Certain Age, you realize I'm describing something we used to call a "blog."

Well, I've been trying to use the site this way for the last few weeks, and the truth is that the Wix blogging software that's built into the site is sort of difficult to work with and not fun to use to post anything other than long, text-heavy updates. I can't even embed my own songs from the site in this post, which seems sort of ridiculous.

So, I went across town and found my old Tumblr, kicked in the door, cleared out the cobwebs, slapped on a fresh coat of paint, and henceforth will be dumping all of the things there. If you're interested, for whatever reason, in keeping up with my most recent brain droppings, you can find them at There's also a link in the upper right corner of this very page (click the Tumblr logo).

I'll still use this section of the site for music and other capital-N "News," and have renamed the tab at the top of the page from "Words" to "News" to reflect this. But there are better places for me to dump random Phish and JRAD videos that I like than directly onto this site. And so I will. Go. Do that.

Only three songs left until I'm done with all of the album songs! New weekend might be dedicated to doing vocal overdubs with Lindsey. I'm excited!



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