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Triptych + More Album Tracklists!

When I was a kid, I'd always get so excited when an artist I loved would announce a new album, and then drop the tracklist. It was always so fun to read the titles of the songs and imagine what they might sound like.

Oh, who am I kidding? I still do this. I did it with the last Wilco album. And of course, I was dramatically, gratefully wrong on every count.

I think the only hype that exists for my upcoming albums exists in my own head, but in case you are someone who likes tracklists, I thought I'd go ahead and share what are likely the final tracklists for each album. You will notice that there ended up being a few more than three albums. Whoops:

Wilderness Amen


Better To Have Loved ->

Cassie's Song >





She and Me

Neal, Joan, and Me

Machine of the Universe

Sleep Well, Beast



Maps I

Ride (Charley)

I Love You (Or the Mountains)


The Melody

Bright Girl (Hey There)

Oread ->

Jeff Tweedy's 49th Electric Dream

Emerald Downs (Datta, Dayadhvam, Damyata) ->


Maps II

Back To Ohio


Dusty Roads

Note To Self

Sadie Norton's Dream*


Ways To Fly (Part II)

English Girls (Love Song For a Film)

Maps ->

...Still Following the Roads

*Title may change

Fire and Rain


Ways To Fly

Ghosts of the Highway

Please Don't Let Me Go


Neal's Jam ->


Blackbird Girl

Ice on the Mountain


Kurzweil Transmissions ->

Not The One I See >

Fire and Rain

The Amen Demos


I Love You (Or the Mountains)

Ghosts of the Highway


Ice on the Mountain

Winter Song



Lady Gray

Crazy Woman Creek

Ways To Fly

Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver cover)

Kurzweil Transmissions ->

Farmhouse (Phish cover)

Running (Melodica version, bonus track)

What Comes Around*

Heron Jam

I Just Want To Fall In Love (With You)

Standing On the Moon (With a Broken Phone Booth In My Hand)

Prairie Dog Massage Parlor

Revelator Jam

I Will Burn

China Cat Supernova

Third Stoned From the Sun ->

Spiders/Auld Lang Syne ->

Heron Reprise

The Northern Lights

Heron Jam (Full version, bonus track)

*This album is a collection of loop-based guitar jams I recorded, then edited together into a semi-coherent sequence for an album that's meant to function as lyricless background music of a sort.

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