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"Trains" Lyrics


(C) Ever since I was young, I’ve heard the wheels of trains

Rollin’ down tracks like the blood runs through my veins

And the mercury sound of their lonely whistle blasts

Echoes through my present, my future, and my past

When I was a kid and I first heard that whistle blow

I would imagine all the places I might go

And in the night when I couldn’t fall asleep

I’d listen for the whistle instead of counting sheep

I dreamed of a train that could take me far away

I’d ride on the rails until I saw a better day

When the train stopped, I would be amazed to find

That I’d left all of my troubles far behind

When I grew up, I moved away to find myself

Thought I could live without anybody else

But even at night I was never quite alone

The rumblin’ of trains made that house into a home

Me and my friends would spend our nights out on the tracks

We’d walk till the sun came up and made us head back

And when we saw that headlight coming down the line

We knew that everything was gonna be just fine

Now that I’m grown, I hear that whistle once again

And it reminds of the people I have been

Now I know that it doesn’t matter where I go

I’ll feel the trains when they’re rattlin’ through my bones



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