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"The Melody" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The Melody

Woke from a dream to the sound of the melody

A mouthful of dust in a house full of cats

Couldn’t make out the words, but I knew what they said to me

The warmth of the morning came in through the cracks

(C) Oh how I wished that that song was for me

But it went out to no one and that was the beauty

I knew I couldn’t touch it, but it still embraced me

And there, in the heat and the light I was free

Wrapped up in heartstrings, in webs we were tangled

It was a summer of love, and a summer of loss

With the sunrise, another night martyred and mangled

But we kept plunging on, unaware of the cost

I wasn’t quite sure what my own life was worth

I was hoping that you or somebody would tell me

But an earful of song and a heart full of hurt

Gave up all the answers my eyes couldn’t read


Well, one day I got up and left it for good

All of the drama and all of the pain

But learning’s about what you don’t know so I would

Go back and do it all over again (Not change a thing if I did it again)

And sometimes I miss you and sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wish I could just go back

To the light, to the song, to the spell I was under

To the warmth of the morning, seeping in through the cracks



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