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"The Light" Lyrics

The Light

Sara wore her failure like you wear your peace of mind

in that moment just before you want to leave yourself behind.

She knew the train could change her for th­e better, or for the worse,

tying forest to the desert like the chorus to the verse.

But as the ghostly station lights faded in the morning haze,

she was riding the rails north out of an old, old maze,

escaping ancient, killing questions of wrong and right,

and looking for redemption in the morning's light.

(C1) Oh, my light, take me away, again

Oh, my light, take me away, again

Mountain faces mixed with fading faces left behind,

as she descended to the valley floor where she hoped she'd find

answers to the questions life always made her ask,

and a way that she could love without putting on a mask.

This was why her feet always itched for the road,

she bounced from place to place just to see what all that travel showed.

So, as the people and the places of her past disappeared,

the warmth of Sara's light helped her overcome her fear.

(C1), (Instrumental)

Over time, the desert planted roots in Sara's bones

and before she knew it, she had found herself a new home.

She settled deeper into place as the days and years went by,

she wasn't sure if she could leave now even if she cared to try.

Sara built that home out of love, respect and trust,

but in the building of a home, you'll kick up a lot of dust.

So, all around the desert, Sara's dust began to rise,

blocking both the open road and the light from Sara's eyes.


She'd been so used to living only thinking of herself,

it was hard to be a wife, and put old feelings on a shelf.

So as her home replaced her freedom, Sara's wheels began to rust,

but over time she found that love could help her through the dust.

So, Sara wore her failure like she wore her peace of mind,

and she learned what it could mean if she left the road behind.

Because every time we change, something deep within us dies,

but in the mirror Sara saw the light reflected in her eyes.

(C2) Oh, my light, take me home, again

Oh, my light, take me home again

(Instrumental outro)


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