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"Ride" Lyrics

Ride (Charley)

Skippin’ town on a midnight train

Those city lights can drive a boy insane

Fell asleep to the drumming rain

Ride, young Charley, ride

Out in Omaha he found his muse

A red-haired girl who really lit his fuse

She made him want to learn to sing the blues

Ride, young Charley, ride

Out in the woods they fell in love

While thunder rumbled from the clouds above

His friends all said she fit him like a glove

Ride, young Charley, ride


Well, they got married and they settled down

Into a van that Charley drove around

Woke up most days in a brand-new town

Ride, Charley, ride

Changed directions with the evening breeze

They saw the mountains and they saw the seas

That kind of beauty brings you to your knees

Ride, Charley, ride

For ten years they criss-crossed this land

Just the two of them, hand in hand

Never before was there a happier man

Ride, Charley, ride


They sold the van and found a place to stay

His face grew lined, her haired turning grey

Their love grew stronger, though, day by day

Ride, Charley, ride

Now age is cruel and death isn’t fair

One day he woke up and she wasn’t there

Her spirit floated out into the air

Ride, old Charley, ride

After that, Charley wasn’t the same

He was alone with only time to blame

He lived for years, though, just nursing that flame

Ride, old Charley, ride

Then one day he up and rented a van

Took one more trip across the length of the land

Back to the woods where it all began

Ride, Charley, ride

Ten miles in, he knew he’d reached his end

He heard her calling up around the bend

No human eye ever saw him again

Ride, Charley, ride

(Instrumental outro)


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