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Running Lyrics


Through the Rocky Mountain passes

where the Eagle River flows

Lightning tells in flashes

what the thunder knows

Colorado starts to ghost away

the rivers turn and run

I’m westbound on the highway

chasin' down the sun

(C) Runnin' through the granite hills

running through the pines

Fifteen years behind the wheel

are runnin' through my mind

Running through the daylight,

and through the darkness, too

Hoping all this running

will bring me back to you

I’m winding through the canyons now

I’m unraveling the maze

The bright lights of the city

are blurring in the haze

And the great salt flats of Utah

are painted rose-pink by the light

I’m doing 80 through the sunset

to race the coming night

(C) Running 'neath the skyscrapers

running ‘cross the plains

Fifteen hours I've run around

in circles in my brain

Running through the desert sand

in a pair of stolen shoes

Hoping all this running

will bring me back to you

Now the stars are shining down on me

like highbeams from the sky

The embers of a campfire

reflected in my eyes

As I lay beneath this bowl of stars

a brief wilderness amen

I know that when the morning comes

I'll be running once again

(C) Running through the wildfire

Running through the tuff

Fifteen days of running

and I think I've had enough

Running 'neath the sky

when I probably should have flew

Hoping all this running

will bring me back to you

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