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"Note To Self" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Note To Self

Feel, if you can

Share the light that’s inside of you

Even if you can’t understand

Why anyone would ever care about you

Fear of letting go

Holds you back from really living

Don’t be ashamed if you’re feeling low

Take a hand up when it’s given

(C) Because the world’s too big

And life’s too short

For us to (feel)

With half a heart

Live, while you can

You’ve got one life, so don’t waste it

Don’t be afraid to take a chance

Or chase down your fear and then face it

Death doesn’t wait

For the day when you’ve had enough

So do your best to appreciate

The time you have left, and then fill it up


Love, while you can

Your heart’s a gift, so give it

Just jump right in, without a plan

Love doesn’t grow unless you let it

Loss might break your heart

But there’s no day without a sunset

Find a new way using the stars

Keep on till dawn, you aren’t lost yet



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