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"Not California" Lyrics

Not California

Been on the road for such a long time

And it’s no longer a friend of mine

The sky is clear and the stars are bright

But this ride’s down to one headlight

(C) And wherever I am, I know it’s not California

I guess the plan has fallen through

And even if I can still get back to California

I know I’ll be going without you

Without you

All of our lives they’re all packed up in the trunk

I’m living the dream, and I’m driving like I’m drunk

Doesn’t seem like home though, and I don’t know if it will

Till San Francisco sun is shining on my windowsill


All of these dreams, they have come and gone away

And you know if I could find a way to stay I’d stay but

I think we both know this trip ended on the day

We didn’t get to California



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