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"Montana" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


The first time that I met you I was following my love

Past the old mines and the ranchlands

While the eagles wheeled above

We were looking for a place nobody knew

Somewhere that was off the map

Somewhere that was true

We spent three days out in a cabin in the woods

We got to know each other and ourselves

In a place that had no shoulds

I drew a heart ‘round our initials in the dirt

As she reached out for the sunlight

In a pink Ohio shirt

(C) Oh Montana

Where I get high on elevation

Where the sky’s

The size of my imagination

Oh Montana

Where I learned to roam

Oh my home

Away from home

I came back once I had learned to mountaineer

Drove through Missoula and through Hamilton

And then I disappeared

Neal and I met up under a wildfire sky

We walked into the Bitterroots

And left the world behind

Two days of climbing and we’d summitted the peak

But on the way back down the sun set

And things were looking pretty bleak

We followed cairns with flashlights till the night turned into day

And when the valley filled with sunlight

I knew that we’d be okay


We came back to the cabin when the winter, with its snows

Had turned all the trees to statues

And had buried all the roads

So we ditched the cars and loaded up the sleds

Hiked on through an icy wonderland

Our dogs ran up ahead

Till in the fading of the day we saw a light

A silhouette that was familiar

Shelter from the coming night

And as the wind and snow blew in throughout the week

The fire and the laughter kept us warm

A happy family



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