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"Molly" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


Hey Molly, I see you there

you're sittin' on the porch soakin' up the rain

I see your smile and I can't help myself

and then I'm fallin' down again

All this time I've been waitin' for you

singin' to myself just a little bit off key

These dark clouds, they can't touch me now

I'll take a piece of you if you want a piece of me

(C) It never made much sense to me

To carry on this way

To tie yourself to a sinking ship

And just roll on down to your grave

Hey Molly, I sing

Hey Molly, let's blow this town

we'll buy an old sedan and head out on the road

Drive till we get to the horizon

and follow that rainbow to a pot of gold

The future's like a cliff we're on the edge of now

so reach out and take my hand

I'm just as scared as you

but if we jump together, who knows where we'll land?


Oh molly, now the sun is rising on a bunch of dreams

I never knew I had

Dancing down the boardwalk, kicking up the surf

and the ocean probably thinks I'm mad

All my life I felt I was lucky only to be loved

once in a great while

Oh molly, if I've got you, its a gift I don't deserve

but I'll take it with a smile



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