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"Millie" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


Millie and I fell in love when I was just a boy

the whole world was our sandbox, and I was just her toy

I wrapped myself around her finger like a diamond ring

and we’d go dancin’ ‘neath the stars at night and I could hear her sing, and she’d sing

(C, ad lib)

As soon as we both finished school, we went out on the road

(As soon as we both finished school, we headed to the west)

wherever millie had in mind, that’s where I was gonna go

(Because TV shows and movies taught us that it was the best)

we thought our love was freedom, but we were chained and bound

reality was close behind and she was gaining ground

Late one night the car broke down just outside South Bend

there was no way I could have known that this would be the end

our blanket was the wild sky, the backseat was our bed

our love it sang a lullaby and this is what it said


When we woke up at sunrise, something small had changed

but in a way my whole wide world had just been rearranged

when we rolled out of Indiana, everything seemed fine

but even then Millie must have known way back in her mind

‘Cause by the time I got to California I was on my own

she’d disappeared one night and left me sleeping all alone

I found a note stuck in my pocket later on that day

she’d hitched a ride back home and there was nothing left to say


Now it’s been a year since Millie left and I’ve been doin’ fine

It hurts sometimes but then they say that all wounds heal with time

But on cloudy days I see her eyes in faces that I meet

and her voice laughs just like the raindrops splashing in the street, she laughs like



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