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"Machine of the Universe" Lyrics

Machine Of the Universe

Two AM, roll out of bed, Cassiopeia hangs overhead

Half-frozen piece of bread, and it’s time to go

Mountain morning, before the dawn, I pull my gloves and boots back on

Feet play a crackling song as I cross the snow

The full moon shines to light my way

And as the ridge climbs, the valley fades away

A silver chain uncoils far below

Climbers led by their headlamps’ glow

Feet on the ice, eyes on the sky, hands on the stones

The howl of the wind, the march of the stars, I’m not quite alone

Breathe in, breathe out, step after step, slow but don’t stop

My troubles I find, I left them behind when I started for the top

Six AM and I can see the town, a yellow glow two miles down

I’m on the last bit of level ground, so I stop for a break

Then, the dawn begins to crack, the sky’s a lighter shade of black

I sit down on my pack, and wait for the day

When the sun rises from an orange cloud sea

It paints the world in as far as I can see

I know my place, then, looking down at the earth

A tiny gear in the machine of the universe

Feet in the dirt, eyes on the ground, one with the stone

The wind is my lungs, the sun is my eyes, mountain and bone

Holding my breath, balanced above, a thousand-foot drop

This moment in time, it’s what I’d hoped I’d find when I started for the top


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