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"Lady Gray" Lyrics

Lady Gray

C'mon lady gray

Won't you stay just one more day, hey

I don't wanna have to miss

the way you talk or the way you kiss

C'mon lady gray

I don't wanna watch you walk away

I know I don't have much money

but you shouldn't let that bother you too much honey

(C) Cause we could both go down

Take your car go down to town

Hell we could drive around

and maybe I'd change your mind around

Yeah yeah

C'mon lady gray

You're turnin me in circles honey every which way

You're all I've been thinkin about

You're the woman for me no doubt

C'mon lady gray

Don't change your mind cause I can change my ways

Honey I'm tellin you

Half those things you heard are less than half true

(C) Cause every single day that goes by

Its harder and harder to keep you off of my mind

Oh honey give me one more try

I'll do anything I can just to make you mine

Yeah yeah

C'mon lady gray

Just name the game I'm more than willing to play

Just tell me what you want me to do

and I'll bend over backwards just to be with you

C'mon lady gray

I'm livin in fear honey every day

I didn't know she was your friend

and I swear to god it won't happen again

(C) Cause you know that one day

you'll look back on this and say that

You're so glad you stayed

Oh please believe me lady gray

Yeah yeah

Yeah yeah


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