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"Jezebel" Lyrics


I met her at the back of a paperback book

One thing led to another like the verse to the hook

Then we were on the run across the USA

Being chased by the ghosts of the great highway

I asked her “Hey, little lady, won’t you take my hand?”

She looked at me like I was crazy and said “Listen here, man

It’s 2018, not 1902

But stick around awhile, I might be good for you”

So when she handed me the apple, I took a bite

And thirty minutes later I was feeling alright

I pulled off onto the shoulder when I lost my grip

And she took the wheel while I took a trip

I could smell the colors, I could taste the dawn

And I saw the crystal palace of Kubla Khan

I knew hell below, I knew heaven above

And I knew enough to know that I was falling in love

(C) Jezebel, Jezebel, oh Jezebel, you cast your spell

Jezebel, Jezebel, my Jezebel, it’s my soul to sell (?)

Jezebel, oh my Jezebel

I woke up to the sound of my favorite song

Looking out at the desert as we rolled along

Told Jezebel my throat was dry as a bone

While Bob Dylan sang like a rolling stone

So she stopped the car and she led the way

As we walked across the sand in the heat of the day

Until about four in the afternoon

When she found us an oasis in-between the dunes

As I kneeled by the water for to quench my thirst

Jezebel dove into the pool headfirst

I saw the pile of her clothes that she’d left behind

And it was then that I knew what she had on her mind

When I looked back up she was standing there

On the opposite shore in her underwear

When she grinned at me, I knew I couldn’t say no

And you can prob’ly guess how the next part goes


We walked out of the oasis hand in hand

And everywhere we stepped, flowers grew from the sand

We didn’t need to eat by the sweat of my brow

‘Cuz everything we needed came right out of the ground

By the time we got back to her Volkswagen bus

We’d brought a little Paradise along with us

We got back on the road and headed east

What used to be a desert was a forest of trees

Now some might think I was her prey from the start

She broke into my chest and stole my heart

But my love’s locked down like a pirate’s treasure

And if she took it from me, it was because I let her

She’s not a princess and I’m not a prince

But there’s a point to my story and it goes like this

There was no devil on my shoulder tempting me down to hell

Just an asphalt angel named Jezebel



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