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"Jeff Tweedy's 49th Electric Dream" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Jeff Tweedy’s 49th Electric Dream

Woke up this morning

When the glow of the screens

Intruded upon

My pointed pine sea

A beep through the silence

Plucked me from the sand

To answer a world of

Electronic demands

I’m trying to listen

But these voices, so loud

Angels singing to me

From up in the cloud

(C1) God’s in his heaven

And we’re here below

Both Google and god

Now know where you go

Satellites watching

With thousands of eyes

Facebook notifications

When somebody dies

Ten-second stories

Self-driving cars

Your likes and your mentions

Tell you who you are

If you weren’t online

What did you miss?

If you aren’t online

Do you really exist?

(Together we stand

alone we fear

If you aren’t online

Are you really here?)

(C2) Swipe, tap, type and tell us everything

Add your voice to the song that we all sing

Swipe, tap, type and tell us everything

If you won’t, then what is it you’re hiding?




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