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"Idyll" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


So you dreamed of a place

Bright sun and blue sky

And a smile on your face

That never had to die

And as you walked through the fields

The grass tickled your feet

Flowers bloomed at your heels

And the birds sang high and sweet

(C1) Hey, little sister, where are you gonna go?

When the thunder rolls and the wind begins to blow?

And even deep in the woods

Sunlight dappled the ground

You weren’t weighed down by shoulds

and the wolves were nowhere around

And from up in the hills

The land spread out below

The wind was so still

And there was no ice or snow


You drank when you were thirsty

From where the streams fed the lakes

You ate when you were hungry

There was always more to take

And at night you laid down

On a bed of soft dirt

And the moon came around

To ease all of your hurts


I dreamed of a place

Cold stars and dark sky

I thought I was awake

But I couldn’t close my eyes

(C2) Hey there, little sister, where are we gonna go?

Oh, the wind it howls and these days are ice and snow


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