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"I Love You (Or the Mountains)" Lyrics

I Love You (Or the Mountains)

Chasing down a rolling stone

I found myself so far from home

Like waking up from a dream

When you’re not quite sure what it all means

(C1) Follow me to the promised land

I promise you that I’ll be your man (whoa-oh)

Drink with me from the fountain

Honey, I love you...or the mountains

Sunrise breaks over the hills

Burning off the morning chill

But in the light love fades away

and I’m not sure what I should say, except


Chase each other round in circles, when’s it gonna end?

Always hoping a new summit’s waiting round the bend

But instead we slipped and fell and now there’s nothing to ascend

We’ve tried this climb a thousand times

Honey, we’ve tried this climb a thousand times

Now it’s time to face what we both know

That it’s way past time to go

You can sit and wonder why

I’ll find my answers in the sky

(C2) Don’t follow me, ‘cause I have no plan

Now I’m a free but a rambling (wandering/wounded) man

You broke my heart, but who’s counting?

Honey, I loved you...or the mountains


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