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"Hey Sue (Do You Miss Me Now?)" Lyrics

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Hey Sue (Do You Miss Me Now?)

I went down to the river

with my heart and my soul

washed them in the river

and I let my cares go

Had me a troubled woman

livin’ in a troubled town

so I went up to the mountain

and I put that woman down

(C) Hey Sue, do you miss me now

because I don't miss you

Hey Sue, you should come out sometime

but I don't want you to

Been out on the road

since the first week of June

The only gal I need

Is the light from the moon

I don't have much money

but I've got this guitar

so every few nights or so I stop

and play in a bar, and I sing


I might miss your kisses babe

I'm not gonna lie

But I sure as hell don't miss

all the times you made me cry

Out here on the highway

I fall asleep on the ground

and all the love I thought you'd stolen

was the first thing I found



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