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"Hand In Hand" Lyrics

Hand In Hand

Splintered whispers of

Yet another broken love

Daydreaming out on the trail

But storms blow in, and hearts they fail

Hey there bright girl, don’t waste your time

Doing what I do with mine

You’ve got to keep us from this twist of fate

You know and I both know could be a big mistake

(C, instrumental break)

Some want to fly like Icarus

Does that mean birds dream of living in the dust?

And if the sun melts through our wings of wax

will the view up there be worth our broken backs?

Another day, another dollar, others say

And a penny earned is a penny saved

But what the hell are they all saving for

If their stacks of pennies won’t open heaven’s door


My point I guess, if I have to choose

Is that you have to fall in love before you sing the blues

Night will turn to day and day to black

Some things you can’t put down and others you’ll never ever get back

Life is just a funny dream and before I wake

I’ve got one request I’d like to make

I was hoping we could walk a while just me and you

Hand in hand, together, I know we can make it through



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