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"Ghosts of the Highway" Lyrics

Ghosts of the Highway

Somewhere on the highway

Near the Washington state line

Is a rest stop haunted by the ghost of

What I left behind

You didn’t meant to hurt me

I didn’t have a choice

But when I drive by with the windows down

I still hear your voice, singing…

(ad lib)

Every love that dies

Lies in a shallow grave

And the things that won’t stay buried make it

Hard to turn the page

So I push the pedal down

Till I’m going way too fast

Even at ninety miles an hour though

I can’t outrun the past

(C) Ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway

Ghosts in my head

Ghosts of the highway

We crossed a continent together

From the east into the west

And everywhere between our love’s

Remains are laid to rest

Every time I find a new way

And I think I’m moving on

I end up on another road

That’s haunted by your song

(ad lib)

I’ve met another girl

But every time I say her name

I worry that her love will end up

Buried just the same

I wonder where you are tonight

I look up at the sky

I hope that you don’t think of me

And aren’t still haunted by…



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