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"Enemy" Lyrics


I think the enemy probably starts with me

What I choose not to be keeps me from being free

A kid’s dreams collide

Head on with the world outside

And something in my heart died

When I stood aside

You see, I’m not who you think I am

The guy you think you love is a joke

(C) Made up from fear of honesty

‘Cause if you knew the real me

You wouldn’t want me and you wouldn’t love me (?)

But at least I would be free…and lonely

Free...and lonely

Had an idea of you

Turns out now it wasn’t true

A lot of things I wanted fell through

You’re not the girl I thought I knew

Is it my fault I can’t adjust?

Am I just hurting both of us?

Do I just need to learn to trust

These feelings I let turn to rust?

Or is it time to break?

And is there someone else I can take?

And would you find a way to be happy

Apart from the mess you thought was me?



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