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"Dusty Roads" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Dusty Roads

So I’m locked outside the apartment

and the rain is pouring down

Been so long that I’ve been gone so I guess

It’s no surprise no one’s around

Still I was hoping that I’d see someone

On the street or from my car

Guess I was mistaken when I left here

The road could only take me so far

(C) I wish someone had tried to tell me

I wish they’d tried to make me stay

I might not have listened but then how could I

have known that everything would turn out this way?

Now I’m back home, but I don’t live here

All the faces they have changed

Those dusty roads just rubbed my eyes raw

I’m alone and I’m ashamed

Thought I’d come back like a hero

Having seen the things I saw

But time has worn away all the things I loved

Guess I’ll just get back in my car



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