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"Dreams" Lyrics


Had a dream the other night

Of friends that I’ve known

People who I left behind

When I set out on my own

(C) We laughed and played all through the day

And through the nighttime too

Told stories till the sun came up

About all the things we’d do

Back when all the world seemed new

Had a dream the other night

Of places that I’ve known

Of somewheres that I’ve left behind

Though I used to call them home (homes)

(C) Smokestacks against an ebon sky

Rolling seas of wheat

Downtown to watch the trains roll by

Someone else’s shoes on my feet

As I walked on down the street

I woke up the other night

Tears dried on my face

My dream began to fade away

The memories replaced (erased) (Leaving real life in its place)

(C) In my dreams, I see the past

Just like it was back then

But when I wake they slip away

All the places that I have been

All the faces of my friends

I would gladly give anything (?)

Just to see them all again


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