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"Crazy Woman Creek" Lyrics

Crazy Woman Creek

I hiked down to Crazy Woman Creek

It was twice as high as it was last week

I wasn’t quite sure just what that meant

But I knew it wasn’t good, and so I went

Down to the bank where the water met the land

Rolled up my sleeve and stuck my hand

Deep into the water, then I let out a shriek

Something bad was goin’ down on Crazy Woman Creek

Love’s one of those things you can’t ever know

You might try to hold on, but you gotta let go

It’s something you give, not something you get

But I hadn’t figured that out quite yet, so

Now the water was up to my knees

And I yelled “Won’t somebody help me, please!

Give me a hand, ‘cause things are looking bleak

I’m stuck in the middle of Crazy Woman Creek!”

I wish I could hold on to all of those times

When the water was warm and all the lines rhymed

But time brings changes in much the same way

That a strong enough current will wash you away

Now the water was up past my waist and I realized

Escape would be harder than I had just theorized

A minute ago, or maybe it was a week?

It’s hard to keep track of time in Crazy Woman Creek

You’ll try to hold on to what you think is yourself

But too much love can be bad for your health

Test the current first, or you’ll go too far

And by then it’s too late and you already are

Covered in water right up to your head

In a minute or two you’ll probably be dead

You’re tryin’ to swim, but your legs are too weak

‘Nother fool just drowned in Crazy Woman Creek


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