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"Caroline" Lyrics


The first day I saw you, the skies opened up and you fell

The first day I saw you, I took my first step into hell

I looked into those blue eyes and I didn't know what to do

but I knew right away that I'd say anything that you asked me to

We met for coffee and I pretended it didn't mean a thing

but I think we both knew that it meant everything

We got married in May and didn't bother with the ceremony

We got married so fast I didn't even hear the lies you told me

(C) Still I shouldn't have let you go

I shouldn't have let you go

Oh no

Oh no no

Oh no Caroline

I loved you so much that I thought I'd be enough by myself

I never would have guessed that you'd need to have somebody else

The first time I caught you it almost broke my heart

It was with poor old James in the back of the car in the back of the park

After a few more, I should have known we were through

Now I know it's all my fault, I could have done so much more for you

but back then I blamed you, I said some things I shouldn't have said

and then you went away, and since then I've been chasing you round and round in my head


So I bought an old car and I drove it towards Kalamazoo

because that's where poor old James told me that I could find you

I stayed between those lines on the highway for a couple of days

In my head I asked for forgiveness in a hundred different ways

My windshield was frozen and my lips were dry and cracked

I'd been kissing the devil and she'd been kissing me back

The wind it was howling and the snow blew as I came into town

And I knew right away by the way the moon smiled that you were somewhere around

I went to the address poor old James had given to me

a busted-up old house and a frozen willow tree

You were in the kitchen with red bruises on your face

You told me you were sorry, and said we had to leave before it was too late

Well I had poor old James's gun with me that cold day in December

and when he came through the door, it went off and that's the last thing I remember


[Along with some extra lines about Caroline, getting cold, wishing she could come home, etc.]


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