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"Bright Girl (Hey There)" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Bright Girl (Hey There)

Hey there, bright girl

Yeah, you know me

I’m the guy

Of not your dreams

You came out to drink

at this bar

but now you have to talk over

my guitar

Sorry if my songs

are too fuckin’ sad

I really don’t think things are

all that bad

(C) If you want, I could sing you a song

Where we fall in love and just get along

Or at least hold hands and stay up too late

To watch the night turn into the day (hold)

Hey there bright girl,

Yeah, I know you

You’re the one who could

Help me through

You look at people like

There’s something there

A kind of light of which

You’re never scared (I’m not aware)

Would you see it

if you looked at me?

Who would I be if

I was the me you’d see?

(C) Could I be someone who makes you smile?

Who you’d want to talk with for a little while?

Or am I just another of those parodies of

The sad bastard songwriter singing about love?

Hey there, bright girl

Well, you don’t know me

And I don’t know you

In all honesty

What I think you are, well,

it isn’t real

A perfect princess

Off a movie reel

And even if by chance

you really cared

expecting you to fix me, well,

it just isn’t fair

(C) But I’d like to know who you really are

So why don’t you and I get up and leave this bar?

And in a world so full of pain and night,

For a little while we could both be bright


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