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"Birdsong" Lyrics


You wake up to the sunrise heating up the tent

Surrounded by the aromatic pines

You left behind a dream, but you aren’t sure what it meant

From the scattered bits and pieces you can find

You were high above the valley, looking down below

As the shadows of the clouds played on the ground

You’d spread your wings and floated down to get a better look

Just before you were awakened by a sound

Awake now to the heat of your tiny nylon nest

You unzip the door and step into the light

You shake your head to clear the fog left over from your rest

Wipe away the sleep collected in your eyes

All around, the forest’s also rising with the sun

Waking from its own peculiar dream

You hear the sound that woke you up repeated once again

Shattering the stillness of this natural scene

Perching on a branch of an adolescent tree

The blackbird cocks his head and meets your eye

Then he flaps his wings and rises just to show you that he’s free

Like he knows that you just dreamed that you could fly

You wish that you could follow as he rises toward the clouds

But the earth still holds you firmly in your place

Why were people made to walk instead of fly

A curse that only dreaming can erase?

I wake up to the sunrise heating up the tent

Surrounded by the aromatic pines

As I step outside the nest, I’m wondering where you went

Unprepared for what it is I’ll find

Your shadow on the ground shrinks, and as I look up

I see your body silhouetted in the light

I smile as your wings flap, you rise into the sky

And I watch until you pass beyond my sight


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