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"Autumnsong" Lyrics

Autumn Song

I been standing here

watchin the leaves turn orange

feelin the wind grow colder

feelin the year grow older

I been thinkin bout

the things that I've done wrong

the past I can't undo

and where I'll go without you

(C1) Now it seems

all ripped at the seams

then was all a dream

now I'm awake again

I been standing here

tryin to find my way

tryin to read the signs

or find an old friend of mine

I been freezin here

trees all lost their leaves

I lost my coat back somewhere

I lost my heart back somewhere

(C2) I guess I should have known

that we're all just skin and bone

now I'm all alone

and you're going home

I been standing here

watchin the snow fall down

this year it don't seem the same

can't help but think I'm to blame

I been hopin that

in the morning things'll be better

and the wound won't seem quite as deep

its too bad I can't fall asleep


I been standing here

starin up at a frozen sky

I'm afraid as the night winds blow

that I won't have nowhere to go

I been lonely here

wantin to see your face

wanna feel your arms around me

instead of this cold that surrounds me



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