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(Some) New Music: Triptych Sessions Sets One and Two Now Streaming!

Ever since I recorded the "Cabin Session" videos on a whim a few summers ago, I've wanted to dedicate some legitimate time to taping a few full-set performances from the studio, and while I was taking a break over the last two months from recording Triptych proper, I finally did it!

I'm calling them The Triptych Sessions, appropriately enough. Each session runs about ninety minutes, and is a full set of music made up of new originals that will be on the upcoming album, old originals, and a cover here and there.

The videos are recorded in full HD, and all audio is recorded using my studio mics and mixer board, then added to the video using kdenlive.

Right now there are two Sessions videos, and the plan is to record and release two more after I finish recording the rest of the album. Or maybe just one more if I run out of songs...but really, running out of songs is unlikely to be a concern anytime soon.

You can find both videos on the homepage of the site, or under the "Videos" tab.

I'll be adding any new lyrics to the blog soon; they're all typed up somewhere, and it's just a matter of copying and pasting and clicking, maybe sometime this weekend.

In case you're interested, here are the setlists for both sets:

Set One: California, Better To Have Loved -> Cassie's Song > Millie, Sunshine, The Melody, Not California, Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead cover) -> Molly -> Friend of the Devil, Please Don't Let Me Go, Montana, Monster Ballads (Josh Ritter cover), Generals, E: Quinn The Eskimo (The Might Quinn) (Bob Dylan cover)

Set Two: Running, Bright Girl (Hey There) > Ways To Fly, Dusty Roads, Palace -> Jam* -> Prince Caspian (Phish cover) -> Palace, Haunted Heart, Idyll > Loving Cup (Rolling Stones cover), She and Me, Bob Dylan's 49th Beard (Wilco cover), The Light, E: Note To Self, Ripple (Grateful Dead cover)

*Contains a quote of Twist (Phish)


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