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Hey You Guys, I'm Wolf Music Now

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

I made music under the name "Lazy Blazers" for ten years, but the name never really sat right with me. It has a certain ring to it, for sure, but it sounds like the name of a band; or, alternatively, a marijuana dispensary.

I couldn't get @lazyblazers as a handle on Instagram because it was already taken by someone who posted pictures of nothing but piles of weed artfully arranged for the camera. True story.

When I chose the name "Lazy Blazers," I chose it with the hope that someday it would be a band name, that someday I would cruise Washington and Idaho playing shows with a group of equally mediocre-but-enthusiastic musicians, and that maybe we would even wear blazers sometimes. But, for better or for worse, that never happened, and I'm still here, making music (almost entirely) solo. That's okay, but I've gotten increasingly tired of telling people to go to to stream my music and having them expect to hear a bunch of white guys playing sub-par reggae music from the get-go.

So, I'm going to be Wolf Music now. I like it better. It's very count-agnostic: Wolf Music could be a band, or just one person, or both. I like the idea that when I play my songs, I'm a single voice howling out into the void, hoping but not really expecting to hear an answer. I'm going to keep making songs and records, and Wolf Music sounds more like what I want them to sound like. Howling at sunset. Howling at sunrise. An asphalt ghost, a wilderness amen. End-times Americana.

Thanks for reading.

I'll have more news on the upcoming album shortly. I'll also be updating a bunch of stuff on the site to link to new Wolf Music social media accounts. AND I have two very special videos that are going to be landing on the front page soon.


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