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"Back To Ohio" Lyrics

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Back To Ohio

There was a place I used to know

Way back in my youth

Under the shade of a big plum tree

I could find just a little truth

Well the years they came and the years they went

And nothing stayed the same

Every morning the sun came up

Something else had changed

Sometimes at night underneath the stars

I let my worries go

I close my eyes and I go back

Back to Ohio

The first time that I fell in love

Was under that same sky

And when my heart was broken

Those same stars watched me cry

I changed who I was, and where I lived

I changed what I believed

It taught me how to grow up fast

It taught me how to leave

One day I turned my back and packed my things

Headed out down the road

Didn’t know if I’d ever go back

Back to Ohio

I found a new home while I was gone

And sort of settled in

It surprised me just how easily

I put on a new skin

For twelve years now I’ve been away

More changes come and gone

In a way I’d like to stay here

But the pull is just too strong

I don’t know where I’m headed next

But something I do know

Where ever my road leads me I’ll

Pass through Ohio

Because sometimes when I'm headed west

And the stars are all aglow

I look out behind me and

My back's to Ohio

Back to Ohio

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