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Asphalt Ghosts LP Lyrics

The Light Sara wore her failure like she wore her piece of mind in that moment just before you want to leave yourself behind. She knew the train could change her for the better, or for the worse, tying forest to the desert like the chorus to the verse.

But as the ghostly station lights faded in the morning haze, she was riding the rails north out of an old, old maze, escaping ancient, killing questions of wrong and right, and looking for a rebirth in the morning's light.

Oh, my light, take me away, again

Mountain faces mixed with fading faces left behind, as she descended to the valley floor where she hoped she'd find answers to the questions life always made her ask, and a way that she could love without putting on a mask.

This was why her feet always itched for the road, so she could bounce from place to place and see what all the travel showed. So, as the people and the places of her past disappeared, the warmth of Sara's light helped her overcome her fear.

Over time, the desert planted roots in Sara's bones and before she knew it, she had found herself a home. She settled deeper into place as the days and years whipped by, and wasn't sure if she could leave even if she cared to try.

Sara built her home out of love, respect and trust, but in the building of a home, you'll kick up a lot of dust. So, all around the desert, Sara's dust began to rise, blocking both the open road and the light from Sara's eyes.

She'd been so used to living only thinking of herself, it was hard to be a wife, and put old feelings on a shelf. So as her home replaced her freedom, Sara's wheels began to rust, but over time she found that love could help her through the dust.

So, Sara wore her failure like she wore her peace of mind, and she learned what it could mean if she left the road behind. Every time we change, something deep within us dies, but in the mirror, Sara saw the light reflected in her eyes.

Oh, my light, take me home, again

Not California

Been on the road for such a long time It’s no longer a friend of mine The sky is clear and the stars are bright But this ride’s down to one headlight

And wherever I am, I know it’s not California I guess the plan has fallen through And even if I can still get back to California I know I’ll be going without you Without you

All of our things they’re all packed up in the trunk I’m living the dream, and I’m driving like I’m drunk Doesn’t seem like home though, and I don’t know if it will Till San Francisco sun is shining on my windowsill

All of these dreams, they have come and gone away And you know if I could have found a way to stay I’d stay but I think we both know this trip ended on the day We didn’t get to California

Hand In Hand

Splintered whispers of yet another broken love Daydreaming out on the trail, but storms blow in, and hearts they fail Hey there, bright girl, don't waste your time Doing what I do with mine You'd better save us from this twist of fate You and I both know could be a big mistake

Some want to fly like Icarus Does that mean birds dream of living in the dust? And if the sun melts through our wings of wax Will the view up there be worth the broken back?

Another day another dollar others say And a penny earned is a penny saved But what the hell are we all saving for If a stack of pennies can't open heaven's door?

My point I guess, if I have to choose Is that you fall in love before you sing the blues Night will fade to day and day to black Some things you can't put down and others you can never get back

This life is just a funny dream and before I wake I've got one request I'd like to make I was hoping we could walk awhile just me and you Hand in hand, together, I know we can make it through


Like a terra cotta soldier waiting for the sun, I'd been in the dark for so long

Looking for a war to fight, an enemy to kill, I'd been looking at this thing oh so wrong

Since i was a kid i'd heard your work is what you are That people trade their time for their worth

The less you care, the more you win in this rat race we're running in, We've all been on the clock since our birth

The thing that mattered most was what the other people thought of you That you did what they told you to Their judgment was the way you knew But these screens sure take a toll on you Ohhhhh god

Well, show me to the door, 'cuz i don't want this no more I'm putting down the weight

I'll find a way to find a california in my mind And let this fall away

One night I fell asleep and dreamed the road could rescue me I'd fade into the asphalt like a ghost

I'd drive into the sunset, I'd melt into the beams And coalesce again on the coast

So I left behind the things I'd loved, the places where I grew All the people who had taught me how to be

And as I hit the road, I sprouted dark wings and I flew, I learned just what it means to be free

I traveled high, I traveled low, on foot, by bike, by car, by plane Till late one night near Coeur D'Alene A deep-down existential pain I wondered, laying in the rain If I'd ever see my home again Ohhhhhh god

Well, get me off the road, 'cuz I've been so alone I want another way

I'll find a way to find a california in my mind I place where I can stay


Once upon a time, I thought I'd found the girl for me We'd orbit 'round each other for all time

And time and time and time again I tried my best to be The line completing someone else's rhyme

I thought i knew what love was like a rock knows how to fly And like a stone i never spent time crying

I realize now the truth is that you shouldn't have to try To sell yourself to someone who's not buying

Love has always come to me a little bit too easily As you'll no doubt begin to see If you listen to my discography Or consider my geography A map of my catastrophes If you love 'em, then you set 'em free But escaping always escaped me Ohhhhh god

Well, kick me out your door, I don't need this any more I want someone who cares

I'll find a way to find a california in my mind A love that I can share



Brokendown palace in the sun Someone's treasure's hiding in the walls Disembodied voices fill the air around you Someone's ghost is haunting the halls

What map did you use to get here? Whose feet made all those tracks?

Don't think too much about where you've been or where you're going You might turn around and head right back

Brokendown palace in a dream You could have lived here long ago before you realized you didn't want what you had wanted Now it's long past time to let it go

All you've got to do is open your eyes Open your eyes and you'll escape from this dream that's been building walls around you Watch those walls all crumble and break


He mostly flew with generals / to mitigate his sighs They crested on the winds aloft / while he pencil-sharpened lies

The world below bathed clean the light / that caressed it from above He mostly flew with generals / a flight of aging doves

Not by sick ones bats started / to clamber to the sky Their hooking flight disarming me / just as i'd arrived

The captain wore a wooden leg / to wrestle with the sea A sea of stars, his safety net / what she'd like to have him be

Up there in the darkling dark / his telescope imbibed The captain wore a wooden leg / and stardust for his eyes

The snowflakes pale imitations / yet you laugh as they descend Your crooked smile disarming me / my wits stretched to their end

The knights of spruce and alder / rode 'gainst the dragon's breath They faced its fire to free her / though they hadn't met her yet

The rose upon the pedestal / a scarlet sacrifice The knights of spruce and alder / would die for her but twice

I died but once and yet i lost / more than they had to hide Those winter arms disarming me / you rolled me like the tide

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