• The Ghost Pines

Ice On The Mountain

Rose and Chris, they loved the road

And loved the mountains more

But they loved each other the most

Then came the storm

Chris was out on the trail alone

When the world turned black

Rose gave Chris to the mountains

The mountains didn’t give him back

(C) There was ice on the mountain

Fire in the sky

Wind in the valley

Tears in her eyes

Em and Jack got married

Then they moved into town

Jack had never liked the city

He didn’t trust the crowd

But Emily had a good job

So that’s where they stayed

And when the car swerved into her lane

It was Em who paid


I remember how you used to smile

How your eyes would shine

How you said I would always be yours

And you would always be mine

But always, it has gone away

Flow and ebb, like the waves

Remember me with a smile, my dear

When you visit my grave


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  • The Ghost Pines


I think the enemy probably starts with me

What I choose not to be keeps me from being free

A kid’s dreams collide

Head on with the world outside

And something in my heart died

When I stood aside

You see, I’m not who you think I am

The guy you think you love is a joke

(C) Made up from fear of honesty

‘Cause if you knew the real me

You wouldn’t want me and you wouldn’t love me (?)

But at least I would be free…and lonely

Free...and lonely

Had an idea of you

Turns out now it wasn’t true

A lot of things I wanted fell through

You’re not the girl I thought I knew

Is it my fault I can’t adjust?

Am I just hurting both of us?

Do I just need to learn to trust

These feelings I let turn to rust?

Or is it time to break?

And is there someone else I can take?

And would you find a way to be happy

Apart from the mess you thought was me?


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  • The Ghost Pines


The sun is coming

The birds are singing

And me, I’m thinking

of old beginnings

I wish I could

Turn back time

To when you were mine

And I was yours

And we weren’t split by all these wars

Who is wrong and who is right?

Does it matter enough that fight after fight

Is justified? Just as all the tears are dried, watch our lives divide

As if tearing down can build up, but it can’t

Ohhh, but it can’t, fear at work will show you that

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